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Treating Sex Addiction in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Newport Beach.

On June 21st, our very own Darrin Ford M.A., LMFT, CSAT was interviewed on Sex Help with Carol the Coach. You can listen to the interview here!

Sano Center for Recovery aims to bring healing to those suffering from or affected by compulsive sexual behaviors such as:

  • Sex or Love Addiction
  • Pornography Addiction
  • Cybersex Addiction

We believe that many problematic, out-of-control sexual behaviors are rightly classified as addictive disorders, and can thus be treated. We work with you to: identify the root cause and the triggers to your sexual acting-out, from there help you develop the tools needed to deal with the addiction and make positive choices for yourself.

Our sex addiction treatment center provides one-on-one recovery coaching therapy, group sessions, guided meditation, and psychological education. We also provide support for the family, spouse, or partner through couples therapy, interventions, and counseling. Sano Center for Recover in Long Beach and Los Angeles has highly trained staff that meets with all clients safely, discreetly, and with compassion to bring balance back to their lives. Contact us anytime, we have 3 locations, with an office in Long Beach, West Los Angeles, and Newport Beach.

Begin the journey towards your true self, and know what it means to have a life worth living.

At Sano Center for Recovery, we are backed by more than 20 years of experience, our caring staff members are specifically trained in the treatment of sexual addiction and are dedicated to our clients’ successful recovery. We have a small and intimate addiction treatment center in Long Beach, and West L.A. We hope that we have the opportunity to help you get past your addiction so you can move forward with to a more empowering and fulfilling life. Call Sano Center For Recovery in at (562) 356-9835!

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We recognize just how much courage it takes to admit that you need help and to come forward to request that help. It is very important to us that you to be in a positive environment, around supportive professionals, who respect confidentiality, and who can properly aid you in your recovery. At Sano Center for Recovery, we combine Eastern contemplative practice with Western Science to provide our patients with well-rounded, holistic treatment. Also, because we know that everyone’s experience of addiction or compulsive behavior is different, we offer a broad selection of programs to assist with varying needs.

If you or a loved one are struggling with sex addiction or pornography addiction, it is time to take action! We will help you with the journey of finding and becoming your true self and knowing what it means to have a life worth living. Give us a call today at (562) 356-9835 to make an appointment or for a free, 20-minute consultation with one of our therapists.

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Customer Reviews

This is a wonderful center. The people are caring and the treatment is amazingly helpful. I thank god for Sano Senter.

Barbara Canterbury

Stephanie Wilson

Great location that offers lovely view during your therapy session. The therapist are really passionate about helping people.

Danielle Garcia

I can ensure you that Sano Center is built of a strong team of skilled, compassionate therapists. I strongly recommend this recovery center to those who are suffering from or affected by compulsive sexual behaviors. Without a doubt, Sano Center is certainly a place where individuals can seek the highest quality of care in a safe place without any judgments.