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Reach out for help today and one of our therapists will return to you.

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People come to our sex addiction treatment center because we employ techniques scientifically proven to assist with recovery. Our interdisciplinary approach includes recovery coaching, addiction counseling, and group counseling.

Many of us have had personal experiences with addiction. We bring Eastern contemplative practice to Western science and integrate them into holistic treatment plans.

Understanding your addiction is the first step in the healing process. We will help you gain the ability to recognize compulsive thoughts, before your life envelops in chaos. This is the first step in preventing yourself from making choices which will continue to strengthen the addiction. There is hope. Addiction is a progressive disease; if we do not treat it, it will continue to get worse. Sano Center for Recovery can help you interrupt the progression of the disease. We will show you ways out. We have been helping people move through and past the chaos of addiction for many years. Our healing process based on mindfulness and cognitive behavioral science has helped many of our clients and their families, and can do the same for you and the people you love.

All the Support You Need


Reach out for help. Addiction cannot be overcome simply by knowing what it is or acknowledging its presence in your life. Nor can it be squashed by sheer might. Many of our clients say they have felt that they could “just handle this by themselves,” but once they reached out to us and got the help they needed, they realized that even if you can “just handle this alone,” no one, including you, should ever have to.

Every Day Better Than the Last

You don’t have to live with part of your life hidden in the shadows. By reaching out to a Sano therapist or counselor, you are stating that you have decided to make a stand and that enough is enough. You are going to take back control of your life, and we are ready to help you. When you are ready, give us a call anytime, day or night. It is truly our passion to be able to help others step out from the shadows. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Reach out for help today and one of our therapists will return to you.

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