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Sex Addiction Counseling in Los Angeles, CA

At Sano Center for Recovery you are not locked into one type of counseling. We create a custom program to meet your needs.
Counseling or Therapy can be for one person or a group and may be delivered through a number of methods, from face-face dialogue, group work, telephone, email and written materials.
Counseling is largely a voluntary activity whereby clients must wish to change and collaborate willingly with the therapist or group.

We Offer Several Counseling Environments:

Results of counseling can include:

Insight and understanding of oneself, with greater self-awareness.
Changing of one’s beliefs and mental models.
Increased acceptance and appreciation of oneself.
Increased ability to control oneself and one’s urges.
Development of skills and abilities that require self-management.
Improved motivation towards actions that are good for one’s self.
Understanding of others and why they act as they do.
Increased appreciation and care for others.
Improvement in relationships with others.
Changing of relationship with family, friends and others.

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