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Mandala Sex Addiction Program in Long Beach, CA

Sex addiction is a problem that is not often taken seriously, despite the dangerous potential consequences. Individuals who are struggling with addiction often struggle to find appropriate care to break their habits and build meaningful, fulfilling relationships. Sano Center for Recovery is sensitive to the unique challenges that it can present, and we have built our treatment program on an effective philosophy called the Mandala Program. Through sex addiction programs in Los Angeles, you can learn to identify the underlying causes of your compulsive sexual behaviors and begin to repair relationships in your life so that you may move forward with newfound confidence and mindfulness that will guide you toward more positive decisions. Read on to get a closer look at the benefits of this program offered through our new Los Angeles office.

What Is the Mandala Treatment Philosophy?

The Mandala Program focuses on a three-phase process developed through the proven methods of Dr. Patrick Carnes, a leader in the field of sex addiction research and treatment. The sex addiction program utilizes intensive outpatient therapy, which includes one-on-one counseling, addiction education, group therapy, and relationship building strategies. Through these methods, you can learn to identify what triggers your addiction and find better coping strategies to handle these issues.

What Are the Advantages of this Recovery Program?

Typically, recovery programs are very isolating, because they keep addicts in a sheltered environment throughout treatment. This can result in a quick relapse following treatment, which is why the Mandala Program has been designed to offer more practical healing techniques that will prove more effective in the long run.

Treatment that fits your lifestyle – While participating in the Mandala Program, you can continue to take part in daily work and social activities as you learn to identify and resolve the causes of your addictive sexual compulsions.
Long-term goal setting – Other programs might try to offer a quick-fix for your addiction, but the Mandala philosophy is intended to take into account the bigger picture of your life. The program is built to progress at your own pace and offer resources to prevent or address relapses so that you are able to move forward with a healthier lifestyle.
Holistic addiction treatment – The Mandala Program incorporates meditation, mindfulness interventions, and other holistic therapies that focus on the whole of your addiction to provide more effective treatment.
To learn more about the Mandala Program and other types of recovery programs available in Los Angeles, call the Sano Center for Recovery to have more information about Sex addiction program in Los Angeles at (562)356-9835. Our team includes certified sex addiction therapists with several decades of experience to provide compassionate, personalized support for your recovery.

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