Mindfullness-Based Addiction Therapist

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Mindfulness-Based Addiction Therapist

“Addiction Is Not A Disease” John Capazin

Whether you are struggling with sex addiction, love addiction, substance abuse, or more commonly, a combination of these, we can help. Our staff is trained to cultivate deep awareness of the self. Together, we can progess you to a place that gives you permission to feel your emotions. Addicts work hard to numb emotions through substances and behaviors. They do it so well that any mild emotion that arises in a sober moment can easily overwhelm. Emotions tell us things about ourselves and our relationships, but only if we are willing to sit with them non-judgementally and with compassion. When you choose Sano Center for Recovery, you will be introduced to this concept thoroughly, completing workbooks and activities crafted by our master therapists. Contact us today for a free 15 minute consultation and begin your journey to recovery. darrin@sanorecovery.com or call (562) 356-9835

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