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Sex Addiction, Porn Addiction, Coaching and Couple’s Therapy

The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. A crucial component of that relationship is meeting in-person consistently. However, we understand that this is not always possible. We offer the following online services to these clients:

Online Individual Therapy

By reaching out to an online individual therapist, you are declaring that enough is enough. You are taking the first step towards the recovery process. Your therapist will provide a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental forum for you through a HIPPA-compliant virtual application. This requires that you have access to the web and that you be in a private room that is free from distraction or possible interruption during the session.

Online Couple’s Therapy

The online couple’s therapist serves your relationship. They will facilitate the path to a loving, nurturing connection that may have been fractured through betrayal, shame, or other conflicts. The counselor is neutral to both parties, providing a non-biased forum for you and your partner to address conflict with compassion and in a manner that is constructive.

For those who are out-of-state, we offer the following services:

Online Recovery Coaching
Starting the recovery process can be very difficult. Staying on track may be just as challenging. The Online Recovery Coach is intended to help you stay headed in the right direction between your individual therapy sessions. It may also serve as your primary form of treatment if you are not able to see a therapist in your area.

Other online services:

Online Psycho-education
Online Partner Coaching
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