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Therapy and Treatment for Sex – Pornograpy – and Love Addiction

Located in Long Beach & Los Angeles. If you or someone you love suffers from Sex Addiction, Pornography Addiction or Love Addiction, we are here to help you.

Our treatment center, Sano Center for Recovery, has two locations — Long Beach and West L.A. In our effort to provide our clients with well-rounded and effective recovery, we offer various types of treatment, counseling, and coaching services. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, we can provide you with the tools and support you need to bring balance back to your life.

At our L.A. and Long Beach sex addiction treatment centers, we offer the following services:


Individual counseling: If you would like to meet one-on-one with a specially trained sex addiction therapist, we offer individual counseling sessions. You can benefit greatly from the opportunity to discuss your struggles and receive compassionate advice in a safe, confidential setting.
Couple’s counseling: Conflict often tears at the soul of love within a relationship. Betrayal and shame fracture the very foundation that allows a relationship to flourish. Our highly trained staff facilitates the path back to the loving interactions you used to have. We provide a safe, non-biased forum for you and your partner to address conflict with compassion and in a manner that is constructive.
Group counseling: Group counseling is an essential component of the healing process. Participating in support groups increases a person’s rate of success in recovery. By sharing with others who have had similar experiences, we begin to see that we are not alone. Guided by a member of our staff, the group environment is a safe, confidential network of support which naturally develops from your presence.
Partner support: We offer support services to partners of individuals who are suffering from sex and pornogrphy addiction. As a partner, you will be provided with a Partner Coach, access to a support group, and much more.
Recovery coaching: The recovery process can be very difficult, and it may be hard to stay on track. Our recovery coaching is intended to help you stay headed in the right direction between your individual therapy sessions.
Intensive workshops: There are several different intensive workshops that we host throughout the year. These workshops focus on relationship dynamics and the roots of sex addiction behaviors.
Mandala program: Our Mandala Program is for individuals struggling with sex addiction. When you participate in this program, your treatment will be customized to your specific needs.
Outreach: At Sano Center for Recovery, we offer a variety of programs to help local residents learn about the topic of sex addiction and gain access to our sex addiction treatment and support services.


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If you are unsure if you may be a sex addict, take the annonymous Sexual Addiction Screening Test

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