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At Sano Center for Recovery, we offer a variety of programs to help our local residents learn about the nature of addiction. If you would like us to come visit to raise awareness and discuss the topic of addiction and recovery, please contact us.

Sano Scholarship Fund

Living with addiction is overwhelming, painful, and at times, impossible. Addiction leaves people alone, frustrated, and empty inside. When one is focused on their obsession (whether it involves drugs, alcohol, sex, food, money, or a host of other things), no time is left for attending to life’s daily routine. As a result, chaos grows, and if left unchecked, it leads to families destroyed, home displacement, legal issues, and fatal consequences.

Sano Center for Recovery combines Eastern contemplative practice with Western Science to provide clients with a well-rounded, holistic treatment program. We know that everyone’s experience of addiction or compulsive behavior is different. We offer a broad selection of programs to assist with the unique needs of each client. We customize the treatment for each individual client and utilize a wrap-around model in which we work around the client’s schedule. We also understand that in the USA, high quality care for addiction is expensive. That is why it’s important for us to provide a positive environment for everyone despite their financial resources.

With your help, we can assist those who desperately need treatment for their active addiction but lack the resources to do so. By donating to our scholarship program, you are helping those who are not able to help themselves at this time. If you have been affected by or struggled with addiction, you know what it feels like to be drowning in chaos. Perhaps you remember a time that you were guided towards recovery. If so we urge you to give back by helping others onto that path. Please, donate now and offer a fighting chance for those who are unable to gain the access to the care we all deserve.

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