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There’s a lot of confusion about what a Recovery Coach is. Recovery Coaches don’t come stay with you nor do they take you to treatment. They aren’t therapists or sponsors. Recovery Coaches are highly trained partners who are willing to work with you so you can have the life you want in recovery. They help you solve problems and enjoy life so it’s easier stay in recovery.
Stay headed in the right direction in between your individual therapy sessions by receiving support and reviewing tools to keep you in recovery. A Sano Center Recovery Coach will assist you with an individualized sex addiction recovery plan. Your Recovery Coach will also present specific accountability tools for you to use in your everyday life to ensure relapse prevention at the sex addiction counseling center.

Therapists often work with clients on the root cause of their addictions and why a person is are stuck. Coaches don’t work with clients on their past issues. Coaches do work with clients on how their life is now and how they would like to it to be in terms of health, work, relationships, finances, etc. Coaches ask “what” and “how” questions to create goals and plans.

We believe that people who enjoy life in recovery are more likely to stay in recovery. At our sex addiction therapist center in Los Angeles, our Recovery Coaches help you find your strengths and apply them to having a better life. We don’t think of you as powerless or diseased. We think of you as creative, resilient, and resourceful.
What would it be like to have support from someone who believes in you, sees your strengths, and wants you to enjoy life in recovery?

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