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Self-Assessment Tools

If you are not sure that addiction is an issue in your life, we encourage you to take adequate time to complete a self-assessment. The self-assessment should be completed when private, ample time is available. The following tests are provided for informational purposes only and are not meant to be a diagnosis. The tests are annonymous and results are not saved.

SAST: Sexual Addiction Screening Test, developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, this test may help clarify if sex addiction is an issue for you. Though not meant to be a diagnosis in itself, it may shed light on symptoms of underlying problems. If you think you may have an issue regarding sex, whether it is sex addiction, pornography addiction, cybersex addiction, or love addiction, we encourage you to complete this assessment.

AUDIT: Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test, developed by the World Health Organization for use internationally, the test has been validated by many nations. Giving honest answers to every question is vital to all self-assessment tools, and we encourage you to do so here so that accurate results are obtained.

DAST: Drug Abuse Screening Test, designed to assess addiction in substances other than alcohol. Developed by Dr. Harvey A. Skinner in 1982, the test is still adminstered in treatment facilities and is considered to be a dependable assessment for drug addiction.

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