Sex Addiction

Newport Beach, Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA

Outpatient Treatment for Sex Addictions

Newport Beach, Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA

Sometimes, coping with emotional and mental distress on your own proves daunting and overwhelming, and you might develop negative habits that become difficult to break. At Sano Center for Recovery, we are committed to offering comprehensive outpatient sex addiction therapy services for sex addiction, pornography addiction, and substance abuse at one of our southern California locations. If you are seeking change in your life, you have come to the right place.

Reasons to Seek Therapy

There are many reasons for seeking professional therapy, and they aren’t limited to addictive behaviors. Troubles at home or work, stress and emotional struggles or past trauma are all thinigs that can prevent us from living a life worth living. If you are unsure about your therapy needs, you can schedule a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your care and path to recovery.

Online Couple’s Therapy

The online couple’s therapis t serves your relationship. They will facilitate the path to a loving, nurturing connection that may have been fractured through betrayal, shame, or other conflicts. The counselor is neutral to both parties, providing a non-biased forum for you and your partner to address conflict with compassion and in a manner that is constructive.

Outpatient Sex Addiction Therapy Services

Sano Center for Recovery creates an environment of holistic care to treat the whole person rather than single symptoms or behaviors. As a result, our therapy services are often paired with intensive workshops and coaching to help you move away from negative habits and become your true self. With the following therapy services, you can learn more effective means for coping with stress and daily challenges so that you are able to eliminate behaviors such as sex addiction, pornography viewing that becomes problematic, or substance abuse.

Individual Therapy – In the confidential one-on-one setting of individual therapy, you can feel at ease with a highly trained therapist. As you work through your emotional issues, you may begin to feel more empowered and enlightened about the triggers for behaviors that might have led you to seek help initially.
Couples’ Therapy – Both sex addiction and substance abuse can lead to broken trust and feelings of resentment in your intimate relationship. In the safe and unbiased environment of couples’ therapy, you can work through feelings of betrayal or guilt to rebuild your partnership and achieve harmony.
Group Therapy – Hearing from and sharing your experiences with others who have had similar experiences will be profoundly helpful in the healing process. Group therapy creates a guided setting where you can build a supportive network that will help your recovery.
Sex Addiction Therapy – Sex addiction is commonly overlooked or misdiagnosed, but the fact is that sex addiction damages the self and relationships. Our certified sex addiction therapists specialize in providing well-rounded, introspective therapy for you to break negative habits and adopt a new healthy and controlled lifestyle.

Our goal is for you to reclaim your life through healthy habits and positive behaviors. To schedule your initial consultation with Sano Center for Recovery, call one of our outpatient centers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, or Newport Beach at (562)356-9835. We will tailor a customized treatment program to meet your needs with flexible scheduling and the benefit of more than 20 years of experience in sexual addiction recovery.

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