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What is CSAT?

At Sano, we staff our sex addiction treatment center with highly trained, compassionate people. We serve our community by being the best at what we do. That means, at minumum, earning a Master’s level education in the field of psychology or public health and becoming certified as a sex addiction therapist.

Simply put, a CSAT is a therpist who is certified to treat sex addiction. The CSAT certification is currently the industry-standard, having been established by Dr. Patrick Carnes who has over 30 years of experience in the field of addiction. He is the pioneer of sex addiction, having written several books on the subject, many of which are considered classics and yet, are still relevant today.

A CSAT-C is a therapist currently working on their certification. They are supervised and mentored by a CSAT.

A CSAT-S is a therpaist who is certified in treating sex addiction and also trained to supervise those aspiring to become a CSAT. A CSAT-S has at least two years of experience working in a sex addiction treatment center and has kept up with continuning education on the subject.

What is an LMFT?

An LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist who has completed at least a bachelor’s degree in psychology. They have also completed the necessary 3,000 hours of experience under a supervisor in several mental health categories, including addiction treatment centers, and have passed a rigorous licensing test. To keep the license, LMFTs must maintain continuning education units in subject matters relating to mental health, including new developments in the field. The licenses are goverened by the Department of Consumer Affairs Board of Behavioral Sciences.

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