What Causes Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction isn’t always associated with alcohol addiction, and it isn’t always easy to determine when someone needs addiction counseling. Someone who has problems such as a sex addiction and an addiction to alcohol in Long Beach may initially try to deny that these addictions exist. Some red flags of alcohol addiction typically include frequent hangovers and blackouts, frequent binge drinking or daily drinking, and the inability to limit alcohol consumption. Signs of sex addiction include engaging in risky sexual behaviors, infidelity, excessive desire for sexual pleasure, and neglect of family or work obligations in favor of seeking sexual gratification.

As you’ll learn when you watch this video, sex addiction is caused by many factors over the course of one’s life, ranging from psychological or sexual abuse, poor sexual education, and early exposure to pornography. It’s not uncommon for one addiction to foster another. For example, a sex addict might turn to alcohol to numb the feelings of regret or desire that led the person to inappropriate sexual behaviors.

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