A Look at Love Addiction

It’s commonly thought that sex addiction or love addiction is less harmful than substance abuse. However, all addictions can lead to serious consequences, both for the individual with the sex addiction and for his or her family. If you or a loved one is struggling with love addiction in Long Beach, you can find the help you need at addiction treatment centers.

Definition of Love Addiction
Love addiction is highly complex and differs from person to person. It may be defined by the pattern of compulsive behaviors as they pertain to sexuality, romance, and relationships. Love addicts’ lives revolve around the individual with whom they are infatuated, often to the point of obsession. This pattern of behaviors can result in serious repercussions. Sex Addiction in Long Beach

Underlying Causes of Love Addiction
Like other addictions, love addiction can develop when a person attempts to cope with challenges by hiding from them, rather than dealing with them. This may stem from childhood abandonment or neglect. In popular culture, the concept of romance and meeting one’s soulmate is oft-glorified. Love addicts obsessively pursue romance absent of a genuine connection. They fall in love with the fantasy that the person with whom they are obsessed will provide unconditional love and will take care of them.

Possible Signs of Love Addiction
Love addiction can be difficult to detect, given that many people without love addictions may be periodically preoccupied with the pursuit of a relationship. However, love addiction is different from ordinary affection. Love addicts constantly crave romance and they may misinterpret sex as love. When they do have a romantic partner, love addicts may be uncommonly anxious to please that person, yet they are typically unable to maintain the relationship for long. When not in a relationship, a person suffering from love addiction may feel desperately alone and may feel that the absence of a partner is emotionally unbearable. The lone love addict might compulsively fantasize about sexual experiences. He or she may turn to compulsive masturbation, pornography, or anonymous sex to fill the void caused by the absence of a relationship.

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