Reasons to Choose Sano Center for Recovery

Our name says it all. At Sano Center for Recovery, our team is dedicated to your successful recovery from addictions . Our addiction treatment centers near Long Beach offer effective, personalized solutions for individuals who are struggling with sex addiction and drug use. Our 20-plus years of experience in the addiction recovery field have taught us that the process of recovery from sex addiction is different for everyone. This is why we offer our Mandala Program, which is a highly customizable program that allows each patient to work through its components at his or her own pace.

The Mandala Program is a holistic and progressive approach; each section builds upon the skills learned in the previous section. It focuses on giving patients the tools they need to prevent relapses, use healthy coping mechanisms, and develop balance in life. If a customized solution appeals to you, we encourage you to take the first step toward recovery today. Sano Center for Recovery also offers flexible scheduling and complete confidentiality.

Recovery for Addictions in Long Beach

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