Signs You Could Benefit from Couples Therapy

When a relationship appears doomed, it’s not uncommon for one or both of the partners to be tempted to simply walk away from it and try to move on. This is particularly true if sex addiction or drug use played a role in the breakdown of the relationship. Yet, broken relationships can be repaired more often than you might think, so long as both partners are willing to try. Even if you’re dubious about the potential for success, it’s well worth your time to try marriage therapy near Long Beach; it just might save your relationship.

You’ve Discovered Your Partner Has a Sex Addiction
Many couples turn to marriage therapy after it’s revealed that one of them has been struggling with a sex addiction. This Marriage Therapy Near Long Beach can make one of the partners feel deeply betrayed. Both partners may feel that there is no longer any trust between them. However, it may be possible to heal the breach of trust and the pain of betrayal. It will require patience on the part of both individuals, along with an abiding commitment to the therapy process. In addition to marriage therapy, an individual with a sex addiction can benefit from working through an intensive outpatient sex addiction recovery program.

You and Your Partner Constantly Argue
​Another reason to seek couples counseling is to find a solution to frequent arguments. A healthy relationship needs positive communication to survive. Without it, couples may feel as though they’re simply occupying the same space or as if they’re merely roommates, rather than partners. Couples therapy can help individuals learn how to amicably resolve conflicts in part by helping each partner identify the underlying cause of the negative communication.

You or Your Partner Is Contemplating Having an Affair
Having a sex addiction does not automatically mean that one has already had an affair. However, it’s certainly a contributing factor. Even if the partner with the sex addiction has not had an affair, the other partner may be unable to completely believe that this is the truth. As a result, the partner who feels betrayed may begin behaving negatively out of spite, which further compromises the relationship. If one or both partners are indeed considering having an affair, the best time to seek couples therapy is before this occurs, rather than after.

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