Spotting the Signs of Sex Addiction [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you or someone you love has a preoccupation with sex that is interfering with daily activities, a sex addiction could be to blame. Sex addiction affects an estimated 30 million people in the United States, but it is often misunderstood. By recognizing the symptoms, you can break the cycle and find addiction help. Some of the signs of sex addiction include seeking out sex at the exclusion of other important activities, habitual masturbation, and having multiple sex partners. This infographic from Sano Center for Recovery examines sex addition in more detail. We treat sex addiction near Long Beach using our three-step, outpatient Mandala Program, which is based on the curriculum of a leading sex addiction researcher. Our center helps people with a variety of addictions reclaim their lives and repair broken relationships. Contact us if you believe you could be suffering from sex addiction, and please share this information with other people in your life who may be affected by this issue.

Sex Addiction Treatment in Long Beach

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