• Workshop Spotlight: Facing the Shadow

    At the Sano Center for Recovery, you’ll find customizable solutions that can guide you in taking your life back from sex addiction . We encourage those struggling with addictions to explore our interactive group workshops, including Facing the Shadow I and II. This two-part workshop series is led by Darrin G. Ford, one of our experts in addiction counseling near Long Beach.

    When you participate in Facing the Shadow, you’ll explore the root causes of addiction. You’ll learn about the science of arousal and the common consequences of sex addiction, including shame and emotional pain. It is not easy to examine the deepest, darkest places of the psyche, but doing so is necessary for sex addicts to work toward healing. Participants of Facing the Shadow learn how to use practical tools for overcoming addictive urges and for maintaining their recovery. Since space is limited, interested patients are encouraged to contact Sano Center for Recovery to discuss enrolling in Facing the Shadow I and II.

    Sex Addiction in Long Beach

  • The Benefits of Group Therapy

    For a successful recovery from sex addiction, group therapy is essential. Individuals who participate in group therapy, as well as other treatment modalities such as one-on-one counseling, may be more likely to adhere to a lifestyle in recovery. If you’ve only recently been able to admit that you are addicted to sex, you might hesitate to discuss your problems with others. But you’ll almost certainly find that group therapy sessions at addiction treatment centers offer a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere in which you can safely explore your addictions. Join us at our office in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach, CA.

    Coming Out of Isolation
    Sex addiction can be incredibly isolating. Perhaps in part because sex addiction is not as well understood as drug or alcohol addiction, individuals with this problem may feel as though they’re alone in their struggles, or that they have a problem at all. Sex addiction can cause a person to withdraw from friends and family members. The shame of infidelity, Addiction Treatment Centers in Long Beach excessive pornography viewing, and other behaviors can make it challenging for patients to look their loved ones in the eye and communicate openly. One of the many benefits of group therapy for sex addicts is that it allows the patients to gradually break free of the isolating nature of addiction.

    Receiving the Support of a Community
    Breaking free of addiction by oneself is difficult, if not impossible. To successfully overcome sex addiction, patients need a strong support system. Within a group, patients form a cohesive community. In sharing their stories and experiences, group members develop trust in each other and a strong sense of camaraderie. Forming these new relationships can allow group members to understand how to heal relationships that were damaged by addiction.

    Developing Effective Coping Skills
    Your group therapist plays an important role in discussions. He or she can help group members delve into their deepest emotions in a constructive, exploratory manner. The group leader can guide participants in uncovering how they used sex addiction as a coping mechanism for other problems. When group members can identify these underlying problems, they can begin to develop healthier and more effective tools to live a life worth living.

  • Hear from Executive Director Darrin Ford

    “Recovering from addiction isn’t about right and wrong behaviors or morality. It is about getting treatment for a disease that infects every part of your life. At Sano Center for Recovery, we understand the struggles you face when coping with addiction, and we are here to provide the compassionate care you need.”

    Watch this video to hear more from Sano’s executive director Darrin Ford describe how we can help with sex addiction, pornography addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism. Sano Center for Recovery is designed to help you reconnect with loved ones and rebuild the life you want to live. We also provide care for people struggling with multiple addictions to help break the cycle and restore balance to life through individual and group counseling and holistic care.

  • Elements of Outpatient Therapy at Sano Center for Recovery

    One reason many people are hesitant to seek therapy for addictions or emotional struggles is that they worry that the time demands of receiving care will interfere with their careers or relationships. With outpatient therapy for addiction in Long Beach , you can find your way to recovery without committing to a residential program.

    We offer a wide range of outpatient therapy services for everything from sex addiction and substance abuse to relationship issues that require marital counseling. Depending on your needs, outpatient therapy may involve a combination of individual, couples, and group therapy to address detrimental habits and help you build positive ways of coping with stressors. We can tailor your therapy specifically to your needs and develop a treatment plan with a flexible schedule, so you can get the help you need without sacrificing your responsibilities. A free, 20-minute phone consultation is all that it takes to determine if outpatient therapy is right for you.

    Outpatient Therapy for Addiction in Long Beach