Workshop Spotlight: Facing the Shadow

At the Sano Center for Recovery, you’ll find customizable solutions that can guide you in taking your life back from sex addiction . We encourage those struggling with addictions to explore our interactive group workshops, including Facing the Shadow I and II. This two-part workshop series is led by Darrin G. Ford, one of our experts in addiction counseling near Long Beach.

When you participate in Facing the Shadow, you’ll explore the root causes of addiction. You’ll learn about the science of arousal and the common consequences of sex addiction, including shame and emotional pain. It is not easy to examine the deepest, darkest places of the psyche, but doing so is necessary for sex addicts to work toward healing. Participants of Facing the Shadow learn how to use practical tools for overcoming addictive urges and for maintaining their recovery. Since space is limited, interested patients are encouraged to contact Sano Center for Recovery to discuss enrolling in Facing the Shadow I and II.

Sex Addiction in Long Beach

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