• Surprising Facts About Sex Addiction

    Despite the fact that about 12 million people suffer from sexual addiction in the United States, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy , this addiction is frequently misunderstood and is often not taken seriously. If you are struggling with sex addiction, you can find help to get your life back on track through an outpatient rehab center in Los Angeles. Below, you’ll see some of the more surprising facts about this addiction that might help guide you in your recovery.


    Sex addicts may be monogamous.

    There is a frequent misconception that sex addicts only participate in promiscuous sexual behavior with multiple partners. The truth of the matter is that sexual addiction can manifest in a number of different ways. For some, sexual addiction may be entirely based in compulsive masturbation or use of pornography. Even those in monogamous relationships may struggle with addictive sexual behaviors. Beyond the sexual acts involved in the addiction, it is also important to consider that sexual addiction often causes a substantial disruption in an individual’s life, as addicts are often consumed by sexual thoughts that can take focus away from normal daily activities.

    Sexual addiction has a wide range of underlying causes.

    Like any other type of addiction, there is more to sexual addiction than what is on the surface. Individuals who suffer from sex addiction use sex to cope with discomfort, such as stress, past trauma, or anxiety. Therefore, the addiction is not about sex itself, and this can be dangerous as addicts fail to realize the negative physical consequences that can arise from addictive sexual behavior.

    Sex addiction can substitute other addictions.

    A common trend among sex addicts is a history of substance abuse, as sexually addictive behavior may develop following treatment for substance addiction, or it could be the manifestation of substance abuse. For this reason, it is helpful to seek treatment with a holistic recovery center that can treat the whole person rather than the single issue of addiction.

  • Tips for Getting the Most from Outpatient Therapy

    If sex addiction has begun to rule your life, it is important to know where to turn for addiction treatment near Los Angeles. Similar to treatment for substance abuse, there are many different options for sexual addiction treatment . Outpatient therapy can be highly beneficial as a treatment option, because it allows the freedom to live your daily life while getting the help you need. Your success in outpatient therapy at a sex rehab center will depend highly on your participation in the program, so it is important to know how to get the most out of your therapy—whether you are participating in individual, group, or couples’ counseling. Read on for a closer look at what you can do to stay on the path to recovery while you are in therapy.


    Stick to Scheduled Appointments

    By making the choice to seek treatment, you are making a commitment to yourself. It is important to honor that commitment by keeping your scheduled appointments with your counselor. When you miss appointments, it can be easy to become derailed in your treatment and fall back into bad habits along the way. Building a strong bond with your counselor and working on effective communication strategies will let you receive the highest level of care.

    Coordinate Your Care

    In addition to sexual addiction treatment, you may want to coordinate with your primary physician to ensure that you have the resources you need for a healthy lifestyle moving forward. Additionally, it may be important to undergo STD testing and other physical exams when managing a sexual addiction, because of the inherent risks of this addictive behavior.

    Actively Participate in At-Home Exercises

    Not only should you be engaged and active in your counseling sessions, but you’ll want to take a proactive approach to activities outside the treatment center as well. Your therapist may provide you with exercises to complete on your own and doing them will strengthen the recovery process.

  • [Infographic] Spotlight on the Mandala Sex Addiction Program

    There are many misconceptions surrounding sex addiction, but the truth is that it can be emotionally damaging as well as physically damaging. Sex addiction affects not only the addict, but also their friends and family members. Potential signs of sex addiction include engaging in more sex with more partners than you intend to, engaging in sex despite a desire to stop, or letting other obligations slide because of the pursuit of sex and sex-related activities. Sex addiction counseling in Los Angeles can help you regain control of your life by examining the underlying causes and triggers of these behaviors. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about sex addiction, and what you can expect from the supportive and holistic Mandala Sex Addiction Program. Please share with your friends and family. Mandala-sex-addiction-infographic


  • Treating Sex Addiction

    Mandala sex addiction program serving Los Angeles is dedicated to helping individuals and couples with successful sex rehab programs. As you will learn in this video, sex addiction is a very real compulsion that requires comprehensive treatment.

    Programs like Mandala sex addiction program are designed to help individuals suffering from sex addiction complete successful outpatient rehab programs. Sex addiction rehab is an essential part of the recovery process, as it can be nearly impossible for addicts to overcome their issues on their own. Indeed, many people cannot recover without outpatient rehab and will otherwise continue to prioritize sex above their relationships, families, and careers.