• The Differences Between Sex and Love Addictions

    Addiction is a condition in which an individual becomes compelled to seek behaviors, actions, or other rewards, even when they experience negative consequences or wish to make changes to their behavior. Although sex addiction and love addiction are often used interchangeably, these terms describe two different types of behaviors and addictions that fall under the larger umbrella of intimacy disorders. During addiction treatment and addiction therapy near Los Angeles, you and your counselor will focus on determining your personal thoughts and behavioral patterns to develop a tailored addiction treatment plan .


    Understanding Sex Addiction

    Sex addiction describes behaviors and thoughts that focus on sexual acts, rather than more specifically on the partners and relationships involved. While sex addicts often seek companionship and may maintain several sexual partners, it is the sex itself that becomes addictive, prompting a sex addict to seek sex more frequently and feel increasingly anxious if sex is unobtainable. Sex addicts often prefer sexual acts with partners that are not interested in developing a more intimate relationship outside of sex, and may even seek anonymous sex through telephone-based or online services.

    Understanding Love Addiction

    A love addiction differs from a sex addiction in that love addicts are deeply invested in the development of an interpersonal relationship in addition to seeking sexual encounters. While many love addicts often seek sex and view sex as a confirmation of love, it is the feelings of love, romance, and connection that become addictive, rather than the physical acts associated with sex. Love addictions are often characterized by chaotic and intense relationships, even if these relationships may be short-lived.

    Love addiction treatment and sex addiction counseling can help you break free of unhealthy and unwanted patterns of behavior that can negatively affect your relationships and your goals. Your rehabilitation center will focus on your individual needs to help you develop healthier patterns of thought and behavior over the short and the long term.

  • Recognizing the Signs of a Sex Addiction

    The first step in overcoming addiction is acknowledging that you or a loved one is struggling with thoughts and behaviors that are detrimental to physical health, mental health, and quality of life. Sex addiction, like other addictions, causes an individual to seek out or persist in sexual behaviors, even when they suffer compounding negative consequences as a result. If you are concerned about the signs of sex addiction in yourself or someone you love, addiction treatment near Los Angeles can provide the support and the tools necessary to overcome these behaviors.


    Feelings of Powerlessness

    Sex addiction can create feelings of powerlessness, both in the individual struggling with the addiction and in those around him. You may notice that you feel powerless with respect to boundaries you have tried to set or promises you have made to yourself and others to change; alternatively, you may feel powerless to help a partner or loved one make positive changes in his sexual behavior.

    Seeking Multiple Partners

    Sexual addiction can make the pursuit of sex a constant necessity or impulse. Often, individuals who suffer from sex addiction will seek out multiple partners to satisfy these urges, particularly if one partner is unavailable or uninterested. Even individuals in stable relationships may turn to other partners, either because of their need to fulfill sexual desires constantly or because they feel ashamed or worried about their behavior and its effects on their partner.

    Persistent Cravings

    Like other types of addictions, sex addiction can leave you feeling the constant need to engage in sexual activities, whether alone or with a partner. These cravings can cause disruptions in your normal thought patterns and daily life, interrupting and even eclipsing other commitments, such as work and family time.

    Outpatient sex addiction therapy is a powerful tool that can help you or a loved one overcome these behaviors and enjoy the life you want, long after addiction counseling has been completed. Seeking help from a qualified rehabilitation center is the first step on the road to a healthy and positive recovery.

  • Addressing Your Sex Addiction

    Overcoming addiction can feel impossible without the right tools to help you succeed. Outpatient rehab in Los Angeles is an important step on your road to recovery, providing you with both the personal support and addiction counseling you need to make positive changes in your life.

    In this video, you will learn more about Sano Center for Recovery and the addiction treatment services available to you. This holistic rehabilitation center focuses on providing confidential addiction treatment for sex addiction and porn addiction in a comfortable, welcoming, and supportive setting. If you think you may be struggling with a sex addiction, rehab programs can offer help with overcoming unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and patterns for a healthier lifestyle.

  • The Benefits of the Mandala Sex Addiction Program

    At Sano Center for Recovery, the Mandala Sex Addiction Program plays a critical role for patients seeking sexual addiction counseling near Los Angeles . The Mandala program utilizes the Recovery Start Kit which was created by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who is regarded as a leader in sexual addiction treatment and research. It takes place in three phases, which are designed to fit into your daily life to ensure a more complete and effective recovery.

    The program teaches practical coping strategies and healing techniques, including long-term goal setting to ensure that you remain on the path to recovery for years to come. Initially, your focus in treatment will be on the triggers and underlying causes of your addiction. Once you understand these factors, you will gain more control over your behaviors and learn relationship building strategies to restore healthy intimate relationships in your life. Since each individual may need different levels of treatment, your therapist will work with you through the phases, chart your progress and adjust frequency of treatment as needed in order to sustain recovery.


  • A Look at Sex Addiction in Women

    Sex addiction is seen in both men and women, who might seek treatment through an addiction counseling center in Los Angeles. As this video explains, sexual addiction is often different in men and women, because women approach their sexuality in unique ways. In many women, sexual addiction is driven by a need to feel validated and loved.

    Unfortunately, women are frequently objectified in compulsory sexual encounters, so the addictive behavior continues as feelings of low self-esteem persist. With the help of one-on-one counseling and partner support , women can overcome the challenges of sex addiction and restore healthy and meaningful relationships in their lives.