• Are You a Sex Addict?

    Like other types of addicts, individuals who are in need of addiction treatment for sex addictions are often in denial about their issues. Some careful self-evaluation is in order to determine if you might benefit from visiting a sex rehab center in the Los Angeles area. For example, it may be time to think about visiting sex rehab if you spend more than a few hours each day thinking about sex, pursuing sex, having sex, or looking at pornography. You might also need addiction treatment if you find it difficult to go for one week without sex or without self-gratification. If you are engaging in dangerous sexual activities, such as engaging in unprotected sex with strangers, it’s a strong warning sign that you may be a sex addict. Ask yourself whether your sexual behaviors have adversely affected your life. Have they strained your personal relationships or affected your work performance? Do you ever feel depressed or degraded as a result of your sexual behaviors? If your answer to these questions is yes, you may benefit from addiction treatment.


  • Seeing Symptoms of Sex Addiction in a Partner

    If you find yourself wondering if you could be dating or married to a sex addict, then chances are pretty good that you’ve already noticed some atypical or suspicious behavior. Maybe you’ve caught your significant other lying to you or maybe you’ve wondered why he or she always seems to be late coming home. You have every right to ask your partner about your suspicions, but remember if he or she is a sex addict, then your partner will need your help and support while overcoming addiction. Before you talk to your partner, consider calling a rehab that offers outpatient sex addiction therapy in Los Angeles to learn more about sex addiction, the particulars of what’s going on and guidance on how to proceed.


    Sexual Behaviors

    If you think you might be with a sex addict, consider whether he or she is demanding about sex, perhaps to the point of regulating the time and place. Consider whether your partner seems focused only on the act itself, rather than on intimacy before, during and after. Consider whether he or she behaves in an overly controlling manner during sex or routinely has mood swings before and after the act. Some of the other potential indicators of sex addiction include the following:

    • Preoccupation with pornographic materials
    • Secretiveness regarding pornography
    • Willingness to engage in unprotected sex
    • Unwillingness to delay sexual gratification
    • Personal history of dating many different people without commitment

  • What Does Your Recovery Coach Do?

    Sano Center for Recovery is a sex rehab serving the Los Angeles area. Our addiction counseling team recognizes the critical need for individualized recovery plans for our patients, which is why we offer Recovery Coaching. The Recovery Coaches at our rehab centers are not “sponsors,” nor are they therapists. Rather, they are your partners in recovery. Your Recovery Coach is a highly trained individual who will work closely with you to identify obstacles, develop strategies for success, and solve problems along the way.

    The therapists at our rehab centers emphasize close examination of your past to help you make sense of the present. In contrast, your Recovery Coach emphasizes the structure and quality of your life right now. He or she will help you consider your current goals for your health, relationships and other issues important to your recovery. Your Recovery Coach will help you acknowledge your strengths, identify opportunity areas and assist you in your journey towards a life worth living.

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  • Seeking Support When Your Partner Is a Sex Addict

    A sex addiction can be harmful, not only to the individual struggling with this addiction, but to their loved ones as well. Sex addiction often leads to infidelity and adultery, even when your partner feels strongly about your relationship and is genuinely regretful of his negative behaviors and actions. If you believe your partner is suffering from sex addiction, seeking addiction treatment services in Los Angeles is only a single step on the road to recovery for your partner and your relationship. As an important part of your loved one’s life, you may also feel emotions such as anger, helplessness, depression, and frustration; sex addiction rehab facilities and staff understand how you are feeling, and can help you to recover mentally and emotionally as well with options such as sexual addiction education, partner support groups, and couples’ therapy as part of your loved one’s outpatient sex addiction therapy program. Working together with your partner and his rehabilitation center during addiction treatment can help you both develop a closer, healthier relationship that allows you the opportunity to heal from the unhealthy feelings and consequences associated with your partner’s sex addiction.

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