• The Internet and Porn Addiction

    Although pornography has long been available to those who seek it out, the internet has opened up a whole new way of accessing and consuming porn. Now, an unprecedented level of porn is online and just a few clicks away for free, which has caused many people to develop an addiction to pornography and also a related sex addiction. If you are worried about your relationship with porn, a porn addiction center in Los Angeles, CA , may be able to help.

    Porn addiction occurs when a person habitually views an excessive amount of pornography, even when it is negatively impacting their lives. Thanks to the internet, people with a compulsion to view porn have nearly constant access to it. The need to view porn can become overwhelming, and people may begin to use the internet to access porn at increasingly inappropriate times and to the exclusive of maintaining their responsibilities. Fortunately, a porn addiction center can help people develop the skills necessary to resist their urges to watch pornography and to engage in other risky sexual behavior. Porn addiction treatment is frequently part of sex addiction rehab programs.

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  • Understanding the Reality of a Sex Addiction

    Today, it’s well understood that addiction is a real problem that is not caused by the lack of willpower. An alcoholic may try to cut down on his or her drinking without success. A heroin addict may want to get sober, yet suffer an overdose the next day. Despite the progress society has made toward removing the stigma of these types of addictions, there is still a great deal of controversy and many misunderstandings surrounding the nature of sex addictions. The reality of sex addiction is that it’s a real problem that an individual or couple needs professional guidance to overcome. If you’ve been affected by sex addiction, you should know that help is available at a sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA. You can speak with a sex addiction therapist about your concerns. sex - addiction

    Understanding the Nature of Addiction

    Like all addictions, sex addiction is a complex issue. Addiction essentially hijacks the brain, causing the loss of self-control and powerful cravings for the object of addiction. Within the brain, all sources of pleasure are interpreted in the same manner. When a pleasurable activity is perceived, the brain releases the neurotransmitter dopamine into the cluster of nerve cells below the cerebral cortex. This cluster is called the nucleus accumbens and it is also referred to as the brain’s pleasure center. Another region of the brain, the hippocampus, establishes the memory of the rush of satisfactory feelings associated with the pleasurable event. In turn, the amygdala establishes a conditioned response to the pleasurable stimuli. These processes set the stage for addictive behaviors.

    Pursuing Behaviors Despite Negative Consequences

    Individuals who suffer from sex addiction continue to pursue sexual encounters, solicit prostitutes, and view pornography despite the threat or the actuality of negative consequences. They may want to stop, but find themselves unable to do so. Before seeking sex addiction treatment, many individuals experience multiple negative consequences of their addiction such as marital strain or divorce, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), financial problems, job loss, or the loss of child custody. Ideally, individuals in these situations would seek outpatient sex addiction counseling before experiencing these problems.

  • Preventing a Sex Addiction Relapse

    After having worked so hard to overcome an addiction, it can be very discouraging to suffer a relapse. When you work with an outpatient sex addiction therapist at a sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll learn the tools you need to reduce the possibility of a relapse. One effective relapse prevention method is to develop strong coping skills for stress. Talk to your outpatient sex therapist about your stressors and your typical responses to stress. He or she can help you develop healthy strategies of managing your stress without relapsing.

    Your outpatient sex addiction therapist can also guide you in developing new lifestyle habits. This is because environmental cues can often trigger a relapse. It will be necessary for you to eliminate temptation by refraining from patronizing nightclubs, bars, and certain websites. Instead, fill your time with healthy activities that are fulfilling for you, such as volunteer work, new hobbies, exercise, meditaiton or furthering your education. Remember that if you do find yourself slipping into your old habits again, you can always call the sex addiction treatment center for help getting back on track.

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  • Workshop Spotlight: Facing the Shadow

    At the Sano Center for Recovery, you’ll find customizable solutions that can guide you in taking your life back from sex addiction . We encourage those struggling with addictions to explore our interactive group workshops, including Facing the Shadow I and II. This two-part workshop series is led by Darrin G. Ford, one of our experts in addiction counseling near Long Beach.

    When you participate in Facing the Shadow, you’ll explore the root causes of addiction. You’ll learn about the science of arousal and the common consequences of sex addiction, including shame and emotional pain. It is not easy to examine the deepest, darkest places of the psyche, but doing so is necessary for sex addicts to work toward healing. Participants of Facing the Shadow learn how to use practical tools for overcoming addictive urges and for maintaining their recovery. Since space is limited, interested patients are encouraged to contact Sano Center for Recovery to discuss enrolling in Facing the Shadow I and II.

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