• The Love Addiction Withdrawal Process

    When an addict first enters into treatment, he or she does so with the understanding that the initial withdrawal process will be followed by a lengthy period of individual and group therapy. It’s commonly known that drug and alcohol addiction involves a period of withdrawal, but love addiction can also involve withdrawal. At a sex addiction rehab center in Los Angeles, CA, a certified sex addiction therapist can help patients and their loved ones get through the initial withdrawal process and the recovery process thereafter. sex - addiction - withdrawl

    Physical Indicators of Withdrawal

    It’s important for individuals to communicate clearly with their certified sex therapists about what they’re going through. This may include a discussion of the physical side effects they’ve experienced when they first begin to address the problem of love addiction. Every individual will have a unique experience, but it’s not uncommon to experience sleep disturbances such as insomnia, changes in eating patterns, fatigue, and nonspecific aches and pains or illnesses. Some people may suffer from flu-like symptoms, which can include nausea and vomiting. These physical side effects occur because the mind and body are intricately linked. As the individual continues to work through the sex addiction program, he or she will gradually begin to feel better and empowered to change.

    Mental and Emotional Issues of Withdrawal

    Overcoming any sort of addiction is never easy. The withdrawal process can involve very challenging mental and emotional problems . It’s normal to feel a sense of grief when someone is completely transitioning from destructive, old behaviors into a new, healthier lifestyle. Some individuals may feel an irresistible urge to act out intentionally. Others may suffer from obsessive thought patterns, irrational fear and self-doubt, and the desire to isolate oneself from family members and friends. Irritability, anger, and rage are not uncommon. Some people develop preoccupations with fantasizing; others may entertain suicidal thoughts. The process of withdrawing from love addiction can readily lead to depressive symptoms, including severe sadness, despair, and hopelessness. It may even cause cognitive impairment; some individuals may suffer from problems with concentration and they may display confusion. By working closely with a certified sex addiction therapist, individuals can work through these challenges and gain control over their lives and their health.

  • The Basics of Love Addiction

    Love addiction and sex addiction are often confused, when in fact, there are a number of important differences between the two problems. A person might receive sex addiction counseling in Los Angeles because he or she is compulsively unfaithful and completely preoccupied with sex and self-gratification. By contrast, a person might go to rehab for love addiction treatment if he or she cannot sustain healthy relationships with other people. These are some of the most common characteristics of love addiction:


    Being Addicted to Euphoria

    When two people who are attracted to each other first meet, they experience a surge of neurochemicals that raise excitement and enhance mood. Love addicts may become hooked on this feeling of euphoria, and they may seek to replicate it over and over again. This means that they may repeatedly seek out new romances and become incapable of pursuing more lasting relationships with other people.

    Having Poor Self-Esteem

    People who have love addiction often have an extremely low opinion of themselves. This lack of self-worth may manifest itself in a number of ways. Love addicts may feel empty and unfulfilled when they are not in a relationship, which may lead them to stay in unhealthy relationships or to become excessively emotionally dependent on their partners. They may also feel completely despondent when their relationships end, and may even consider suicide.

    Becoming Obsessed with a Relationship

    A person who is addicted to love may find it difficult to control their emotions toward another person, particularly if they are in a relationship with that person. They may act in a way that others perceive as overly needy or smothering, or they may feel jealous whenever their partner interacts with anyone else.

    Indulging in Compulsive Sexual Behavior

    Like sex addicts, love addicts may have difficulty controlling their sexual behavior, and may not be able to maintain appropriate boundaries. They may confuse sexual attraction to another person for genuine love, or they may have trouble maintaining platonic friendships with other people. They may also pursue sex as a means of feeling better about themselves.

  • What Does Your Recovery Coach Do?

    Sano Center for Recovery is a sex rehab serving the Los Angeles area. Our addiction counseling team recognizes the critical need for individualized recovery plans for our patients, which is why we offer Recovery Coaching. The Recovery Coaches at our rehab centers are not “sponsors,” nor are they therapists. Rather, they are your partners in recovery. Your Recovery Coach is a highly trained individual who will work closely with you to identify obstacles, develop strategies for success, and solve problems along the way.

    The therapists at our rehab centers emphasize close examination of your past to help you make sense of the present. In contrast, your Recovery Coach emphasizes the structure and quality of your life right now. He or she will help you consider your current goals for your health, relationships and other issues important to your recovery. Your Recovery Coach will help you acknowledge your strengths, identify opportunity areas and assist you in your journey towards a life worth living.

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  • [Infographic] Spotlight on the Mandala Sex Addiction Program

    There are many misconceptions surrounding sex addiction, but the truth is that it can be emotionally damaging as well as physically damaging. Sex addiction affects not only the addict, but also their friends and family members. Potential signs of sex addiction include engaging in more sex with more partners than you intend to, engaging in sex despite a desire to stop, or letting other obligations slide because of the pursuit of sex and sex-related activities. Sex addiction counseling in Los Angeles can help you regain control of your life by examining the underlying causes and triggers of these behaviors. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about sex addiction, and what you can expect from the supportive and holistic Mandala Sex Addiction Program. Please share with your friends and family. Mandala-sex-addiction-infographic


  • Treating Sex Addiction

    Mandala sex addiction program serving Los Angeles is dedicated to helping individuals and couples with successful sex rehab programs. As you will learn in this video, sex addiction is a very real compulsion that requires comprehensive treatment.

    Programs like Mandala sex addiction program are designed to help individuals suffering from sex addiction complete successful outpatient rehab programs. Sex addiction rehab is an essential part of the recovery process, as it can be nearly impossible for addicts to overcome their issues on their own. Indeed, many people cannot recover without outpatient rehab and will otherwise continue to prioritize sex above their relationships, families, and careers.

  • What to Expect During the First Phase of Mandala Sex Addiction Treatment

    Sano Center for Recovery provides comprehensive and compassionate outpatient sex addiction therapy in Los Angeles. We also offer outpatient sex addiction therapy in Long Beach. Our Mandala Sex Addiction Program is the cornerstone of our addiction therapy. It is fully customized to meet the needs of each individual patient and no patient is rushed into the next step before he or she is ready. During the first phase of the Mandala Sex Addiction Program, sex addicts focus on confronting denial.

    Our rehabilitation center provides first stage Mandala Program participants with extensive resources, including a Recovery Start Kit developed by the pioneer in the field of sex addiction, Dr. Patrick Carnes . During the first phase, sex addicts explore the nature of addiction. They learn how addictive behaviors can develop and which triggers are most common for sex addicts. Individual patients evaluate their particular addiction triggers and explore the necessary steps to take to prevent relapse. All Mandala Program participants receive the benefits of our supportive environment here at Sano Center for Recovery. While they work through the first phase, patients participate in outpatient therapy, which may include individual addiction counseling, group therapy, and couples therapy.

    Sex Addiction Treatment

  • Spotlight on the Mandala Sex Addiction Program

    Many people are not aware or not convinced that sex addiction is real. Sex addiction is a powerful and misunderstood disease. Compulsive sexual thoughts and sexual behaviors, often coupled with substance abuse, damage relationships, careers, and one’s concept of self. If you or someone you love is suffering from sex addiction, help is available in Long Beach through the Mandala Program. This intensive outpatient treatment is focused on identifying the triggers for sex addiction and addressing those underlying factors so that patients can learn to control their behaviors and save or rebuild their relationships. Here is a closer look at what to expect during the program. Sex Addiction Program in Long Beach

    Dealing with Denial
    During the first phase of the program, patients learn about their disease. Through outpatient addiction counseling, they learn about the triggers for their sex addiction, how to understand addictive behaviors, and what steps to take to avoid relapses. This stage requires confronting denial about having a sex addiction and admitting that there is a problem. Patients are also exposed to a range of resources they can use during their addiction treatment to support their recovery and work to build a supportive environment focused on healing.

    Taming Triggers
    As with most addictions, sex addiction is closely tied to emotions that trigger compulsivity. To overcome addiction, patients must learn new ways to cope with emotions and sit with their negative feelings without acting out. At this stage of the Mandala Sex Addiction Program, patients further explore the root of their struggles. Triggers are identified by exploring the origin, and this will help with preventing relapse.

    Rebuilding Relationships
    At the final stage of the program, patients are slowly transitioned out of treatment. The focus here is on repairing broken relationships and rebuilding trust with loved ones. If patients feel vulnerable to relapse at this stage, they can step back into more intensive treatment until they feel secure in their recovery.

  • Meet Darrin Ford, M.A., LMFT, CSAT

    Darrin Ford is the Director of sex addiction treatment at Sano Center for Recovery. Mr. Ford exemplifies the holistic integration of Eastern and Western medicine . He licensed with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. Mr. Ford has studied meditation extensively at the Shambhala Center in Los Angeles and he’s put what he’s learned to good use helping the patients at Sano Center for Recovery. Throughout his 10-plus years providing addiction help in Long Beach, Mr. Ford has demonstrated remarkable dedication to helping his patients heal.

    As a specialist in sex addiction and drug misuse, Mr. Ford has personally designed many intensive outpatient programs. He focuses on improving the overall quality of life for his clients by guiding them in meditation and mindfulness practices. Clients of Mr. Ford’s will note that he demonstrates a keen understanding of the nature of addictions, including their underlying causes, and how individuals can overcome these challenges.

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  • Meet Our Clinical Director

    At Sano Center for Recovery , we have helped countless individuals and couples repair relationships that were damaged by sex addiction. At our center, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan with all the support services your family needs. We invite you to meet our founder and clinical director, Christy Cosper, by watching this video. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Ms. Cosper is dedicated to helping her patients move past sex addiction near Long Beach.

    As you’ll hear in this video, Ms. Cosper encourages the spouses and partners of individuals with sex addiction to give the relationship a fighting chance by trying marriage therapy. Therapy for addictions such as sex addiction can help couples repair the pain of betrayal, and work toward rebuilding trust and communication in the relationship.

  • Spotting the Signs of Sex Addiction [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you or someone you love has a preoccupation with sex that is interfering with daily activities, a sex addiction could be to blame. Sex addiction affects an estimated 30 million people in the United States, but it is often misunderstood. By recognizing the symptoms, you can break the cycle and find addiction help. Some of the signs of sex addiction include seeking out sex at the exclusion of other important activities, habitual masturbation, and having multiple sex partners. This infographic from Sano Center for Recovery examines sex addition in more detail. We treat sex addiction near Long Beach using our three-step, outpatient Mandala Program, which is based on the curriculum of a leading sex addiction researcher. Our center helps people with a variety of addictions reclaim their lives and repair broken relationships. Contact us if you believe you could be suffering from sex addiction, and please share this information with other people in your life who may be affected by this issue.

    Sex Addiction Treatment in Long Beach