• Breaking Down Couple’s Counseling

    The destructive nature of all types of addictions affects many other people in addition to the addict. This is certainly true of sex addiction, in which the partner of the sex addict is likely to feel betrayed. Some partners might even wonder if they somehow could have prevented the infidelity. At a sex addiction rehab center in Los Angeles, CA, couples can seek help from a relationship therapist. During sessions with the relationship therapist, the partner or spouse of the addict may find some comfort in learning about the nature of addiction and discovering that the addict’s behaviors are not the fault of the partner or spouse.

    It can feel empowering for both partners to be involved with the sex addiction program. Couple’s counseling is an opportunity to explore the path toward healing and take a renewed look at the relationship to evaluate whether it might be repaired. During couple’s counseling, both partners can discuss problems and conflicts in a constructive, compassionate way.

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  • Examining the Physical and Mental Health Effects of Sexual Addiction

    As addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles advise clients, sexual addiction can have a serious impact on physical and mental health . Fortunately, addiction treatment centers that specialize in sex rehab can help addicts completely recover from their sexual compulsions. Rehab is designed to help patients get their careers, relationships, and love lives back on track. Keep reading to learn more about some of the physical and mental health side effects of sex addiction, including sexually transmitted diseases, impacted emotional wellbeing, and low self worth.

    Sexual Addiction

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Successful addiction treatment for sex addicts sometimes requires combating the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, many patients who enter rehab facilities have contracted STDS due to a result of their addictions. For individuals who are in committed relationships, this side effect can be especially devastating, as both partners must seek treatment to improve their health. Because sex addicts often act recklessly in their pursuit of sex, they too frequently fail to use adequate or any protection at all.

    Impacted Emotional Wellbeing

    A sex addict may also face emotional problems due to their sex addiction. Sex rehab explores a patient’s ability, or lack thereof, to maintain stable, loving relationships. For many sex addicts, maintaining emotional intimacy is difficult or impossible. In addition to struggling to have a monogamous relationship, patients may have a hard time even fostering friendships. Sex addicts often feel extremely lonely or like they are living double lives. Because they lie to so many people around them, including themselves, it is difficult to maintain healthy relationships based on trust.

    Low Self Worth

    Low self worth is one of the most common mental health effects of sexual addiction. Sex addicts live in fear that they will be rejected, either because of their addictions to sex or because they are simply inadequate people. Patients overwhelmingly believe that their partners or spouses are “too good” for them. Addicts may turn away potential friends or close relationships because of their crippling problems with self-esteem.

  • Examining the Benefits of Outpatient Therapy

    Are you struggling with overcoming addiction , yet not sure that a residential program is right for you? Consider enrolling in an outpatient rehab in Long Beach. Outpatient therapy is particularly well-suited to individuals who are struggling to overcome sex addiction. Outpatient sex addiction therapy allows you to work through your problems while meeting your daily obligations.

    Outpatient Therapy

    Outpatient Therapy is Convenient

    Outpatient therapy programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals who must continue to work or go to school and fulfill other commitments while receiving treatment. Typically, an outpatient rehab program will offer flexible scheduling options, such as weekend and evening appointments. There is no need to put your life on hold while you’re working to get it back on track. Since this type of addiction counseling does not require temporary residency, it is also typically more cost-effective than inpatient addiction treatment services.

    Outpatient Therapy Allows Ongoing Access to Support Systems

    Although outpatient rehab is more convenient than residential programs, it can be just as effective, if not more so, in helping individuals overcome their addictions . Outpatient rehab facilities tend to offer a customizable blend of group workshops and therapy sessions, individual therapy, and couples therapy, all of which are delivered by highly qualified and certified sex addiction therapists (CSAT). As an outpatient participant, you will have access to the comprehensive support services any time you need them. And because you’ll return home each day, you’ll also have ongoing access to your own support network, such as your partner, family members, friends, and spiritual or religious fellowships.

    Outpatient Therapy Supports Real-World Practice

    One of the limitations of inpatient therapy is that it does not offer patients the opportunity to practice what they have learned in the real world. The sudden transition of being discharged to return home can be overwhelming for many patients. They may find it difficult to adapt, and they may return to negative behaviors. With outpatient therapy, you can immediately begin to use the tools and techniques you have learned in your sessions. These can include healthy coping strategies, learning to spot the signs of relapse and relationship-rebuilding guidance.