• The Internet and Porn Addiction

    Although pornography has long been available to those who seek it out, the internet has opened up a whole new way of accessing and consuming porn. Now, an unprecedented level of porn is online and just a few clicks away for free, which has caused many people to develop an addiction to pornography and also a related sex addiction. If you are worried about your relationship with porn, a porn addiction center in Los Angeles, CA , may be able to help.

    Porn addiction occurs when a person habitually views an excessive amount of pornography, even when it is negatively impacting their lives. Thanks to the internet, people with a compulsion to view porn have nearly constant access to it. The need to view porn can become overwhelming, and people may begin to use the internet to access porn at increasingly inappropriate times and to the exclusive of maintaining their responsibilities. Fortunately, a porn addiction center can help people develop the skills necessary to resist their urges to watch pornography and to engage in other risky sexual behavior. Porn addiction treatment is frequently part of sex addiction rehab programs.

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  • When Does Behavior Constitute Addiction?

    When you seek out professional treatment for sex addiction near Los Angeles, CA, you may be wondering how your addiction will be diagnosed. What differentiates ordinary sexual behavior from sex addiction? Many people might assume that you can determine the presence of an addiction from how many sexual encounters an individual has sought out, but this is not the case. Rather than being based on behavior, sex addiction is characterized by a pattern of obsessive mental preoccupation with the subject of sex. In this video, Dr. Patrick Carnes explains how addiction changes the way your brain functions, and how your day-to-day behavior can inadvertently reveal the nature of your addiction.

  • Talking to Your Partner About Your Porn Addiction

    On the road to recovery, one of the most difficult obstacles is breaking the news to your partner that you have a porn addiction. But recovery does not occur in a vacuum and this is a necessary step toward true healing and rebuilding your relationship. At a porn addiction center in Los Angeles, CA , both you and your partner can find guidance from a relationship therapist. sex - addiction - talk

    Seek advice from your relationship therapist.

    Discussing your porn addiction with your partner isn’t going to be easy, but your relationship therapist can help. He or she can guide you in finding an honest way to share the news that does not inflict further damage on your relationship. Your relationship therapist will likely suggest that you find the right time to sit down with your partner. Ideally, you should discuss your addiction when both of you have plenty of time and when other emotional situations aren’t clouding the issue.

    Prepare yourself for your partner’s response.

    There is no way to truly know in advance how your partner will respond to the news, but many people react with anger. This may be true even if your partner has had suspicions about your behaviors. He or she may have found suspicious charges on the credit card statement, for example, or detected your browsing history on the Internet. Yet, hearing that a loved one does indeed have an addiction to pornography can still come as a shock. Your partner may feel betrayed, hurt, and jealous. It is to be expected that these feelings will continue for a long time; do not try to rush your partner to “get over it.”

    Avoid minimizing your behavior.

    When a person must confess something to a partner, it is often tempting for that individual to attempt to justify or minimize his or her behavior. He or she might point out how the situation could have been worse. The individual might even suggest that the partner could somehow be to blame, such as by not being as attentive or amorous. However, sharing the news of a porn addiction is a time to accept full responsibility for your behavior and to acknowledge your faults. Only then can the two of you begin to work toward healing.

  • Rebuilding Trust with Your Partner After Sex Addiction Treatment

    When you go to a sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, you will cover many issues during your session with your sex addiction therapist, including how to rebuild trust in your relationship. It’s important to understand that trust and forgiveness are two distinct things.. With help from couple’s counseling at the sex addiction treatment center , trust and forgiveness can be discussed in a compassionate and open environment. However, rebuilding trust is an ongoing, lengthy process that cannot be rushed. trusting - eachother

    Be open about your concerns.

    Part of rebuilding trust with your partner or spouse involves restoring your communication abilities. Intimacy in a relationship is more than physical; it’s also emotional. Share your feelings, concerns, and challenges openly with your partner. It will help both of you become reacquainted with each other and lead to a deeper, more meaningful relationship. For example, it’s not unusual for a recovering sex addict to feel uncomfortable in certain situations. You may be watching a movie with your partner when nude scenes appear on the screen. It is encouraged to tell your partner what you are feeling or thinking. It is okay to admit you are distressed or feeling triggered.

    Get into the habit of being honest.

    Before you sought sex addiction therapy, it’s likely that you got into the habit of lying about your behaviors. For many people, lying becomes second nature and these individuals may lie even about relatively innocuous issues. Now that you’re in recovery, it’s critically important that you be fully honest with your partner about everything. Practice being honest, whether that involves admitting that you didn’t take out the trash or that you spent more than you should have on an expensive dress shirt. All lies, big or small, erode the trust in a relationship. However, you can rebuild trust by demonstrating to your partner that you’re willing to be completely honest about everything.

    Take on a proactive role in your relationship.

    All addictions can be incredibly isolating. While you were in the grip of your sex addiction, you might not have been emotionally present in your relationship or in your household. One way to nurture the trust between you and your partner is to demonstrate that you are taking an active role in rebuilding the relationship and contributing to the household. Take the initiative to offer to cook dinner, take your partner out on a date, or help the kids with their homework. Be patient and persistent with your positive behaviors.

  • Get to Know Executive Director Darrin Ford

    The entire team at Sano Center for Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals and couples overcome problems through personalized sex addiction therapy. At our sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, one of the people you may encounter is our Executive Director Darrin Ford, M.A., LMFT, CSAT. When you watch this video, you’ll meet Darrin and get to know his motivation for becoming a sex addiction therapist.

    Darrin explains that he has been personally affected by addiction. This gives him a unique understanding of the complex issues that affect people who are going through sex addiction rehab. Darrin also explains what sets Sano Center for Recovery apart from other outpatient rehabs. The personalized treatment recommendations and the outpatient model of care help individuals learn to live life well, free of destructive tendencies.

  • The Basics of Love Addiction

    Love addiction and sex addiction are often confused, when in fact, there are a number of important differences between the two problems. A person might receive sex addiction counseling in Los Angeles because he or she is compulsively unfaithful and completely preoccupied with sex and self-gratification. By contrast, a person might go to rehab for love addiction treatment if he or she cannot sustain healthy relationships with other people. These are some of the most common characteristics of love addiction:


    Being Addicted to Euphoria

    When two people who are attracted to each other first meet, they experience a surge of neurochemicals that raise excitement and enhance mood. Love addicts may become hooked on this feeling of euphoria, and they may seek to replicate it over and over again. This means that they may repeatedly seek out new romances and become incapable of pursuing more lasting relationships with other people.

    Having Poor Self-Esteem

    People who have love addiction often have an extremely low opinion of themselves. This lack of self-worth may manifest itself in a number of ways. Love addicts may feel empty and unfulfilled when they are not in a relationship, which may lead them to stay in unhealthy relationships or to become excessively emotionally dependent on their partners. They may also feel completely despondent when their relationships end, and may even consider suicide.

    Becoming Obsessed with a Relationship

    A person who is addicted to love may find it difficult to control their emotions toward another person, particularly if they are in a relationship with that person. They may act in a way that others perceive as overly needy or smothering, or they may feel jealous whenever their partner interacts with anyone else.

    Indulging in Compulsive Sexual Behavior

    Like sex addicts, love addicts may have difficulty controlling their sexual behavior, and may not be able to maintain appropriate boundaries. They may confuse sexual attraction to another person for genuine love, or they may have trouble maintaining platonic friendships with other people. They may also pursue sex as a means of feeling better about themselves.

  • Are You a Sex Addict?

    Like other types of addicts, individuals who are in need of addiction treatment for sex addictions are often in denial about their issues. Some careful self-evaluation is in order to determine if you might benefit from visiting a sex rehab center in the Los Angeles area. For example, it may be time to think about visiting sex rehab if you spend more than a few hours each day thinking about sex, pursuing sex, having sex, or looking at pornography. You might also need addiction treatment if you find it difficult to go for one week without sex or without self-gratification. If you are engaging in dangerous sexual activities, such as engaging in unprotected sex with strangers, it’s a strong warning sign that you may be a sex addict. Ask yourself whether your sexual behaviors have adversely affected your life. Have they strained your personal relationships or affected your work performance? Do you ever feel depressed or degraded as a result of your sexual behaviors? If your answer to these questions is yes, you may benefit from addiction treatment.


  • Seeing Symptoms of Sex Addiction in a Partner

    If you find yourself wondering if you could be dating or married to a sex addict, then chances are pretty good that you’ve already noticed some atypical or suspicious behavior. Maybe you’ve caught your significant other lying to you or maybe you’ve wondered why he or she always seems to be late coming home. You have every right to ask your partner about your suspicions, but remember if he or she is a sex addict, then your partner will need your help and support while overcoming addiction. Before you talk to your partner, consider calling a rehab that offers outpatient sex addiction therapy in Los Angeles to learn more about sex addiction, the particulars of what’s going on and guidance on how to proceed.


    Sexual Behaviors

    If you think you might be with a sex addict, consider whether he or she is demanding about sex, perhaps to the point of regulating the time and place. Consider whether your partner seems focused only on the act itself, rather than on intimacy before, during and after. Consider whether he or she behaves in an overly controlling manner during sex or routinely has mood swings before and after the act. Some of the other potential indicators of sex addiction include the following:

    • Preoccupation with pornographic materials
    • Secretiveness regarding pornography
    • Willingness to engage in unprotected sex
    • Unwillingness to delay sexual gratification
    • Personal history of dating many different people without commitment

  • Seeking Support When Your Partner Is a Sex Addict

    A sex addiction can be harmful, not only to the individual struggling with this addiction, but to their loved ones as well. Sex addiction often leads to infidelity and adultery, even when your partner feels strongly about your relationship and is genuinely regretful of his negative behaviors and actions. If you believe your partner is suffering from sex addiction, seeking addiction treatment services in Los Angeles is only a single step on the road to recovery for your partner and your relationship. As an important part of your loved one’s life, you may also feel emotions such as anger, helplessness, depression, and frustration; sex addiction rehab facilities and staff understand how you are feeling, and can help you to recover mentally and emotionally as well with options such as sexual addiction education, partner support groups, and couples’ therapy as part of your loved one’s outpatient sex addiction therapy program. Working together with your partner and his rehabilitation center during addiction treatment can help you both develop a closer, healthier relationship that allows you the opportunity to heal from the unhealthy feelings and consequences associated with your partner’s sex addiction.

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  • The Differences Between Sex and Love Addictions

    Addiction is a condition in which an individual becomes compelled to seek behaviors, actions, or other rewards, even when they experience negative consequences or wish to make changes to their behavior. Although sex addiction and love addiction are often used interchangeably, these terms describe two different types of behaviors and addictions that fall under the larger umbrella of intimacy disorders. During addiction treatment and addiction therapy near Los Angeles, you and your counselor will focus on determining your personal thoughts and behavioral patterns to develop a tailored addiction treatment plan .


    Understanding Sex Addiction

    Sex addiction describes behaviors and thoughts that focus on sexual acts, rather than more specifically on the partners and relationships involved. While sex addicts often seek companionship and may maintain several sexual partners, it is the sex itself that becomes addictive, prompting a sex addict to seek sex more frequently and feel increasingly anxious if sex is unobtainable. Sex addicts often prefer sexual acts with partners that are not interested in developing a more intimate relationship outside of sex, and may even seek anonymous sex through telephone-based or online services.

    Understanding Love Addiction

    A love addiction differs from a sex addiction in that love addicts are deeply invested in the development of an interpersonal relationship in addition to seeking sexual encounters. While many love addicts often seek sex and view sex as a confirmation of love, it is the feelings of love, romance, and connection that become addictive, rather than the physical acts associated with sex. Love addictions are often characterized by chaotic and intense relationships, even if these relationships may be short-lived.

    Love addiction treatment and sex addiction counseling can help you break free of unhealthy and unwanted patterns of behavior that can negatively affect your relationships and your goals. Your rehabilitation center will focus on your individual needs to help you develop healthier patterns of thought and behavior over the short and the long term.