• Recognizing Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors

    When are sexual behaviors considered healthy, and when do they fall into the category of sexual addiction? It can be difficult to recognize the signs of sexual addiction and to decide when to seek help. If you are engaging in any of these behaviors or believe that a loved one is, consider seeking advice from a sex addiction therapist in Los Angeles, CA . A certified sex addiction therapist can help you understand what behaviors could be unhealthy and how to cope with sex addiction. sex - therapist

    Habitual Masturbation

    Habitual masturbation is not easy to define by a specific number of incidents. Rather, it is a compulsion to masturbate, often multiple times per day, even in situations in which it is inappropriate to do so. Some people with sex addictions masturbate at work, in their cars, and in other places where getting caught could have serious consequences. The need to masturbate may dominate the life of someone with a sex addiction, and they may choose to masturbate instead of engaging in other activities or meeting responsibilities.

    Pornography Obsession

    Pornography plays a central role in many cases of sexual addiction. The ease of access of internet pornography in particular has lead to addictive behaviors for a large number of people. People who are obsessed with pornography will devote large amounts of time to seeking it out, to the exclusion of other activities, and will watch it despite any negative consequences that could occur. Teaching people to overcome pornography addictions is frequently a part of sex addiction rehab.

    Multiple Partners

    Although many people have multiple sex partners, people with sex addictions habitually seek out new partners and frequently engage in anonymous sex. People with sex addictions who are in relationships cheat compulsively and may hire prostitutes or otherwise engage in risky sexual behavior that does not involve their partners. Sex addiction also leads people to have sexual relationships and choose sexual partners that are inappropriate for personal, professional, or even legal reasons. In extreme cases, sexual addicts may turn to stalking, molestation, and other forms of sexual aggression.

  • Inside the World of Sex Addiction

    Sex addiction is a compulsion that is equivalent to drug and alcohol addiction, and just as people with those addictive behaviors require treatment, sex addiction rehab is an essential part of recovery for a sex addict. Watch this video to hear one couple’s experience with this kind of addiction and why seeking a sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA , is so important if you’re struggling with a sex compulsion.

    As the video demonstrates, sex addiction can happen to anyone, regardless of religion or walk of life. Sex addiction therapy helps sufferers and their loved ones understand the root causes of their behaviors and identify contributing factors, including internet pornography. Sex addiction rehab gives addicts the tools to enter recovery and rebuild their relationships in a healthy way.

  • Breaking Down Couple’s Counseling

    The destructive nature of all types of addictions affects many other people in addition to the addict. This is certainly true of sex addiction, in which the partner of the sex addict is likely to feel betrayed. Some partners might even wonder if they somehow could have prevented the infidelity. At a sex addiction rehab center in Los Angeles, CA, couples can seek help from a relationship therapist. During sessions with the relationship therapist, the partner or spouse of the addict may find some comfort in learning about the nature of addiction and discovering that the addict’s behaviors are not the fault of the partner or spouse.

    It can feel empowering for both partners to be involved with the sex addiction program. Couple’s counseling is an opportunity to explore the path toward healing and take a renewed look at the relationship to evaluate whether it might be repaired. During couple’s counseling, both partners can discuss problems and conflicts in a constructive, compassionate way.

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  • Get to Know Executive Director Darrin Ford

    The entire team at Sano Center for Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals and couples overcome problems through personalized sex addiction therapy. At our sex addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, one of the people you may encounter is our Executive Director Darrin Ford, M.A., LMFT, CSAT. When you watch this video, you’ll meet Darrin and get to know his motivation for becoming a sex addiction therapist.

    Darrin explains that he has been personally affected by addiction. This gives him a unique understanding of the complex issues that affect people who are going through sex addiction rehab. Darrin also explains what sets Sano Center for Recovery apart from other outpatient rehabs. The personalized treatment recommendations and the outpatient model of care help individuals learn to live life well, free of destructive tendencies.

  • What Does Your Recovery Coach Do?

    Sano Center for Recovery is a sex rehab serving the Los Angeles area. Our addiction counseling team recognizes the critical need for individualized recovery plans for our patients, which is why we offer Recovery Coaching. The Recovery Coaches at our rehab centers are not “sponsors,” nor are they therapists. Rather, they are your partners in recovery. Your Recovery Coach is a highly trained individual who will work closely with you to identify obstacles, develop strategies for success, and solve problems along the way.

    The therapists at our rehab centers emphasize close examination of your past to help you make sense of the present. In contrast, your Recovery Coach emphasizes the structure and quality of your life right now. He or she will help you consider your current goals for your health, relationships and other issues important to your recovery. Your Recovery Coach will help you acknowledge your strengths, identify opportunity areas and assist you in your journey towards a life worth living.

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  • Recognizing the Signs of a Sex Addiction

    The first step in overcoming addiction is acknowledging that you or a loved one is struggling with thoughts and behaviors that are detrimental to physical health, mental health, and quality of life. Sex addiction, like other addictions, causes an individual to seek out or persist in sexual behaviors, even when they suffer compounding negative consequences as a result. If you are concerned about the signs of sex addiction in yourself or someone you love, addiction treatment near Los Angeles can provide the support and the tools necessary to overcome these behaviors.


    Feelings of Powerlessness

    Sex addiction can create feelings of powerlessness, both in the individual struggling with the addiction and in those around him. You may notice that you feel powerless with respect to boundaries you have tried to set or promises you have made to yourself and others to change; alternatively, you may feel powerless to help a partner or loved one make positive changes in his sexual behavior.

    Seeking Multiple Partners

    Sexual addiction can make the pursuit of sex a constant necessity or impulse. Often, individuals who suffer from sex addiction will seek out multiple partners to satisfy these urges, particularly if one partner is unavailable or uninterested. Even individuals in stable relationships may turn to other partners, either because of their need to fulfill sexual desires constantly or because they feel ashamed or worried about their behavior and its effects on their partner.

    Persistent Cravings

    Like other types of addictions, sex addiction can leave you feeling the constant need to engage in sexual activities, whether alone or with a partner. These cravings can cause disruptions in your normal thought patterns and daily life, interrupting and even eclipsing other commitments, such as work and family time.

    Outpatient sex addiction therapy is a powerful tool that can help you or a loved one overcome these behaviors and enjoy the life you want, long after addiction counseling has been completed. Seeking help from a qualified rehabilitation center is the first step on the road to a healthy and positive recovery.

  • Hear from Executive Director Darrin Ford

    “Recovering from addiction isn’t about right and wrong behaviors or morality. It is about getting treatment for a disease that infects every part of your life. At Sano Center for Recovery, we understand the struggles you face when coping with addiction, and we are here to provide the compassionate care you need.”

    Watch this video to hear more from Sano’s executive director Darrin Ford describe how we can help with sex addiction, pornography addiction, substance abuse, and alcoholism. Sano Center for Recovery is designed to help you reconnect with loved ones and rebuild the life you want to live. We also provide care for people struggling with multiple addictions to help break the cycle and restore balance to life through individual and group counseling and holistic care.

  • The Health Risks of Alcoholism

    Many individuals who are struggling with addictions have co-occurring disorders. For example, a person who requires alcohol addiction treatment near Long Beach might also need help in overcoming sex addiction. Every type of addiction causes physical, emotional, and behavioral health issues, and alcoholism is no exception. Among many other problems, an alcohol addiction can increase a person’s risk of cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

    Cirrhosis is a common complication of alcoholism. Cirrhosis is the late stage

    Alcohol Addiction Treatment Near Long Beach

    of liver scarring. This damage is irreversible and if left untreated, it can be life-threatening. Other complications may develop from cirrhosis, such as bone disease, jaundice, gallstones, multi-organ failure, infections, malnutrition, and an increased risk of liver cancer.

    Cardiovascular Disease
    Alcoholics may be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, which is life-threatening. Consuming alcohol in excess can increase the risk that the heart muscle will weaken and fail—a condition known as cardiomyopathy. Alcoholics are more likely to be diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm disorders, as well as blood clots. They are at an increased risk of suffering from stroke, heart attack, and sudden death.

    Alcoholism can increase a person’s risk of many different types of cancer. In addition to an increased risk of liver cancer, heavy drinking may contribute to cancers of the colon, rectum, pharynx, mouth, esophagus, larynx, and breast.

    Slight brain shrinkage is a normal change associated with the aging process. However, shrinkage of certain areas of the brain—which can be caused and accelerated by heavy drinking—can lead to dementia symptoms. Alcoholics are more likely to suffer from memory loss and to have trouble with decision making, problem solving, organization, and judgment.

    You may already know that heavy drinking can irritate the stomach, which is a condition known as gastritis. But did you know that it can lead to inflammation of the pancreas? Chronic pancreatitis is incurable. Alcoholics with this health problem suffer from chronic diarrhea and severe abdominal pain.

    Neuropathy refers to damage of the nerves. Heavy drinking may lead to alcoholic neuropathy, which causes pain and numbness in the extremities. It can also result in incontinence, constipation, muscle weakness, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Meet Our Clinical Director

    At Sano Center for Recovery , we have helped countless individuals and couples repair relationships that were damaged by sex addiction. At our center, you’ll receive a personalized treatment plan with all the support services your family needs. We invite you to meet our founder and clinical director, Christy Cosper, by watching this video. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Ms. Cosper is dedicated to helping her patients move past sex addiction near Long Beach.

    As you’ll hear in this video, Ms. Cosper encourages the spouses and partners of individuals with sex addiction to give the relationship a fighting chance by trying marriage therapy. Therapy for addictions such as sex addiction can help couples repair the pain of betrayal, and work toward rebuilding trust and communication in the relationship.

  • Reasons to Choose Sano Center for Recovery

    Our name says it all. At Sano Center for Recovery, our team is dedicated to your successful recovery from addictions . Our addiction treatment centers near Long Beach offer effective, personalized solutions for individuals who are struggling with sex addiction and drug use. Our 20-plus years of experience in the addiction recovery field have taught us that the process of recovery from sex addiction is different for everyone. This is why we offer our Mandala Program, which is a highly customizable program that allows each patient to work through its components at his or her own pace.

    The Mandala Program is a holistic and progressive approach; each section builds upon the skills learned in the previous section. It focuses on giving patients the tools they need to prevent relapses, use healthy coping mechanisms, and develop balance in life. If a customized solution appeals to you, we encourage you to take the first step toward recovery today. Sano Center for Recovery also offers flexible scheduling and complete confidentiality.

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