Sex Addiction Counseling in Los Angeles, CA

At Sano Center for Recovery you are not locked into one type of counseling. We create a custom program to meet your needs.

Counseling or Therapy can be for one person or a group and may be delivered through a number of methods, from face-face dialogue, group work, telephone, email and written materials.

Counseling is largely a voluntary activity whereby clients must wish to change and collaborate willingly with the therapist or group.

We Offer Several Counseling Environments:

Results of counseling can include:

  • Insight and understanding of oneself, with greater self-awareness.
  • Changing of one’s beliefs and mental models.
  • Increased acceptance and appreciation of oneself.
  • Increased ability to control oneself and one’s urges.
  • Development of skills and abilities that require self-management.
  • Improved motivation towards actions that are good for one’s self.
  • Understanding of others and why they act as they do.
  • Increased appreciation and care for others.
  • Improvement in relationships with others.
  • Changing of relationship with family, friends and others.

Why Choose Us

  • Sex and Love Addiction Specialist
  • Small & Intimate Treatment Centers
  • Personalized Treatment Plans
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Highly trained, compassionate therapists
  • 20+ Years of Experience