Group Counseling

Group Counseling in Long Beach

Group counseling is an essential component of the healing process. Participating in support groups increases a person’s rate of success in recovery treatment. By sharing with others who have had similar experiences, we begin to see that we are not alone.

Studies have shown that groups are better at solving problems than individuals. The collective wisdom of a group of people is far broader and deeper than that of any one group member. Groups mimic social situations in a way that individual therapy does not. A person who is shy and finds it difficult to talk to people on the job or at parties, for example, will find a group tremendously helpful. He can practice new socializing behavior in a safe environment under the guidance of our trained staff.
All groups are guided by a member of our staff, the group environment is a Safe, Confidential Network of support which naturally develops from your presence.
Womens Group

Long Beach group schedule (days and times subject to change)

Mondays: Female Sex Addiction Process Group 6:30PM – 8PM

Tuesdays: Sex Addiction Process Group 6:30PM – 8PM

Tuesdays: Partners Support Group 6:30PM – 8PM

Wednesdays: Sex Addiction Process Group 6:30PM – 8PM

Thursdays: Sex Addiction Process Group 6:30PM – 8PM


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