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Is Your Loved One In The Throes of Sex Addiction?

Perhaps an intervention is needed. We will help you conduct one, if it is appropriate. Often overlooked in treatment centers, partners are also negatively affected by addiction and in need of therapeutic services.

When a relationship has been affected but remains intact, the rebuilding of trust remains a significant priority, and accountability measures may be put into place.

It isn’t just the addict that is affected and needs help. The spouse or partner of the addict are naturally and deeply affected. They often experience trauma, betrayal, and abandonment. It is common for family members to feel alone and neglected as the addict gets help. At Sano Center for Recovery we are trained to understand the Spouse or partner’s needs, and to identify and treat coexisting issues of trauma and neglect.

For partners, Sano Center provides:

  • Education in sexual addiction with an individually assigned Partner Coach.
  • Support Group for partners to work through the trauma
  • Couples Therapy

Support and understanding from our staff comes from the heart. Our staff is compassionate and highly trained. Call or email us today at

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