Events, Intensives & Workshops

Sano Center for Recovery offers a variety of Workshops, each designed to address different areas of your life.

Facing the Shadow Workshop

Facing the Shadow delves deeper into the pain of sexual addiction and the science behind our arousals. It provides practical tools for living in recovery from sexual addiction. The name is as it suggests: facing that which may be uncomfortable, even frightening. Only by shining the light on and examining these dark places will lasting and significant healing take place. This powerful 2-part series has four seats only. RSVP by calling or emailing

Mindfullness Based Relapse Prevention Workshop

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention Course. Learn to bring balance to your life in our course led by Christene Lozano M.S., IMF, CSAT-C. Gain tools to guide you towards healthier decision making. Learn to cultivate meaningful relationships. Review time management skills. Learn to implement self-care and build a strong support system. A powerful addition to your treatment plan for sex addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, or a combination of these. If you are unsure if you are an addict, try a self-assessment tool on our addiction screening page. Call us or Email

Couples in Recovery is an interactive group workshop with rotating topics for those looking to strengthen or rebuild trust and intimacy with their significant other. The pain of conflict and broken trust is often times debilitating. With this workshop, you and your partner will learn healthy ways to connect to each other, learn about “healthy fighting”, and notice the signs of “going crazy”. We provide a safe place for couples to communicate with one another, and the group setting allows all who attend to see that they are not alone in the struggles they encounter. Join us for this therapeutic and educational experience! Due to the intimate nature of this workshop, space is limited. Call or email us for dates and time.

Workshop for couples in sex addiction recovery

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